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Monument of Liberation at Delta (Meeting point)

Tradition and Old Tales


Come with us on a half day adventure where we visit the past and learn about the traditional way of life and old trades that are nowdays almost extinct.


We want to introduce you with the surroundings of Rijeka and hidden natural gems we fell in love with. But mostly we want to introduce you to the people and the old way of life, with tradition that shaped us, old trades and richness of culture and history screaming to be shared.


Advanture begins in a village called Martinovo Selo just a couple of miles from Rijeka where we find a nature oasis of silence interrupted only by the sound of river Rjecina on which Rijeka as a city came to be. We visit Gaspar watermill from 17th century, a wooden mill that still diligently makes flour out of corn and wheat and where you can buy that same flour made in front of you.

Next we visit heritage museum  with old tools, folk costumes and bedroom and kitchen decorated the same way as in 19th century. A short walk on the river bank to put everything we saw in perspective is a must.


After that we visit the smithy that was built in 1930's and for generations has been in the same family just like the mill we just visited. The trade of blacksmith will be presented there in it's full glory.

We also stop in the center of a small place called Drazice to feel it's puls but also to learn and discover why the city of Rijeka was dependent on small places like these and it's hard working residents.


For the end of our trip we travel to the Middle Ages and visit the castle 'Grobnicki kastel' from where the view on Kvarner bay and the mountains in the background is breathtaking. The history of the castle will also tell you a story or two almost as fascinating as a view.


Trip includes: entrance fee for a mill, heritage museum, smithy, castle gallery and castle heritage museum, drink of your choice in a place of our choice,  transportation with a van and knowledge of our guide Ivan


Things to see: old mill from 17th century, heritage museum in village Martinovo, old smithy from 1930s, center of small place Jelenje, castel from 15th century, heritage museum and gallery that are a part of the castle


Trip duration: 4 and a half hours (sometimes more depending on the intensitiy of socially/economically/politically/historically based conversation)


Price: 45 euro per person


Meeting point: Monument of Liberation park on Delta


Minimal number of 3 participants is necessary for the trip to take place

Maximal number of 8 persons (all of our trips are based on small groups so we can provide you with a better service)


This trip can be customized.


If you're interested, contact us with the following information:

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