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Terms & Conditions

1. Content of the package arrangement

MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. as your travel organizer ensures the implementation of arrangements pursuant to the description that you received. Content of the package arrangements, trips or tours will be made in full as described in the itinerary, except in the case of exceptional circumstances (war, riots, strikes, terrorist attacks, sanitary problems, natural disasters, local authorities, etc.).


2. Applications and Contracting

Applications for travel, trips and tours are accepted at the office of MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. and the offices of the agency authorized by him. The traveler can apply in person, by telephone or Internet. When registering the customer is required to provide any information or documents required by specific travel program. The passenger warrants that he gave correct and valid information necessary for smooth running of a trip.


3. Content and price of the package arrangement

Content of the package arrangement, trip or a tour with it's price includes everything MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. stated in the section “package price includes ". Special services that are not included in the price the traveler pays separately. These services must be requested at registration and the difference paid in the package price. Optional and special services requested by the passenger  during the travel, trip or a tour that can be realized, are paid to the tourist guide or representative of MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. in the currency of the country in which they are provided. Pricing of the arrangements, trips or tours that have been published in foreign currencies are translated and paid in Kuna according to the exchange rate of the bank on the day of payment. MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. reserves the right to increase the prices in case of price increase for accommodation, food, transport and other services, and in the case of a small number of passengers compared to the minimal number of passengers listed on the program, or in the case of an increase in the exchange rate of currencies that are the basis for calculating the price. MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. may, not later than 20 days prior to travel, require an increase in the contracted price and only in writing. If there is an increase in the contracted price the passenger has the right to withdraw from the arrangement, provided that it is required to contact MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. within 5 working days of receiving the notice. In the event of termination of the arrangement, the customer is not entitled to compensation. If the passenger fails to submit his termination MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. in writing in the prescribed time shall be deemed to have consented to the price change.


4. Service description

Offered accommodation facilities, restaurants, transport and others are described according to the official local tourist organization at the time of application. The standards of accommodation, food, services, etc. in different places and countries are different and not comparable. Information received by the traveler at the point of sale does not oblige the organizers to a greater extent than the information listed in the travel program.


5. Changes to the program

MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. can cancel the arrangement in whole or in part, if before and during it's duration there are circumstances that can not be avoided (see point 1). MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. can make a change in the program if there is a change in the flight schedule of the airline and shipping timetable. Accommodation can be substituted only accommodation facility in the same or higher category and at the expense of the organizers.


6. MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. right to quit

MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. can cancel the deal if it is not a sufficient number of passengers predicted for a particular arrangement. With each program package organizer publishes a minimum number of passengers. MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. can cancel the arrangement if there is a major change in the schedule or timetable, and if there is a bankruptcy or air shipping company. MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. is required to notify all customers of the cancellation at least 1 day prior to travel, and they return the entire amount paid arrangements.


7. Passengers right to quit from traveling

If a passenger wants to cancel a trip, it must do so in writing. Date of receipt of the written cancellation is the basis for the calculation of costs according to the following scale:

- For cancellation up to 30 days before MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. charges 10 % of the price

- For cancellation from 29 to 22 days before 25 % of the price

- For cancellation from 21 to 15 days before 40 % of the price

- For cancellation from 14 to 8 days before 80 % of the price

- For cancellations made 7-0 days before departure organizer will charge 100 % of the price

- If the passenger does not show up or cancels the arrangement during its duration MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. will charge the entire amount.

Upon termination of the arrangement the cost of the visa / s or travel documents nor the amount of premium paid for cancellation insurance are not paid. When the actual costs or when the proportion of fixed costs in groups are larger than listed in the rankings, MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. reserves the right to charge actual costs. The above cancellation fees will apply to change the departure date or accommodation, as well as all other changes. If a passenger cancels trip finds a new client, MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. retains only the cost of the replacement.


8. Travel Insurance

In accordance with the Law of services in tourism (NN nr.68/07-in text the Act), MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o., in cooperation with the insurance company offers a "package" of travel insurance, where MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. is a mediator. Travel insurance is made up of health insurance during their stay abroad, baggage insurance, insurance against accidents as well as travel cancellation insurance, which is offered to travel abroad and in our country. Upon payment of the advance traveler confirms that he was offered a "package" of travel insurance.


9. Cancellation insurance

If, during the booking predicts that due to unforeseen obstacles (illness, accident, natural disaster in the place of residence, military service, death) that determines the insurance company in accordance with its terms, had to cancel the trip, in order to avoid cancellation charges specified in paragraph 7, she can pay cancellation insurance. Cancellation insurance paid for on the Contract, and it is not possible to pay later. The amount of the insurance premium is calculated depending on the value of the trip, according to the price list of the insurance company. In the case of trip cancellation is not refundable amount of premium paid for cancellation insurance.


9. Luggage

Luggage transport by plane is free to the masses by the airline. Excess luggage will be charged according to the price airline Children, regardless of age, are not entitled to free transport of luggage by plane. For air transportation, storage is solely responsible airline komapanija, on the basis of the regulations that apply to air transport. Luggage is transported at the risk of the traveler, therefore, recommends a luggage insurance companies. MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. is not responsible for damaged or lost luggage, theft of luggage or valuables in the hotel (preferably rent a safety deposit box). In case of damaged or lost luggage should be made to the carrier or the reception of the object, depending on where the damage or loss occurred.


10. Liabilities MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o.

MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. is required to ensure that the services as well as the selection of the services the full attention of a good organizer and worry about the rights and interests in accordance with good practices in tourism. MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. is obliged to provide these services for a particular arrangement in the corresponding passenger with possible failure in service or part of the service. MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. not responsible if the non- services caused by force majeure (see point 1) and due to delays in transportation, where the carrier does not correspond to the applicable laws and international conventions. In all cases the traveler is responsible for all additional costs.


11. Liabilities passengers

The traveler is required to:

- Have valid travel documents. The costs of lost or stolen documents are covered by the traveler. Companion or a representative of the organizers will help, but on condition that the program is running smoothly.

- Vaccinated and have confirmation and documentation of vaccination for travel to countries where required by regulations of the World Health Organization. In this circumstance attached medical certificate. Lack of these documents, passports malfunction which lead to the cancellation of the trip or the inability to travel not bound by MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. and cancellation expenses are calculated from point 7

- Respect the customs and currency regulations of the Republic of Croatia, as well as countries visited during the trip

- adhere to the rules for all visited facilities and to cooperate with good intentions

- comply with the instructions and cooperate with the tour leader or representative of MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o.

In the case of non-compliance with these obligations, the traveler is responsible for any damages caused by MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o.


12. Complaints

If the services of the program is incomplete and unsatisfactory, the passenger may request compensation by filing a written complaint. Each passenger - contractor has a right to complain to the non-contracted services. Each passenger complaint separately. MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. will receive in the process of group complaints.

The procedure for making a complaint:

- Now, on site, the customer advertises inadequate service with tour guide or representative of MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o., and if it does, to the service provider. The traveler is required to cooperate with the tour leader or representative MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. and executor in good faith in order to rectify the problem. If the passenger refuses to accept the solution, which corresponds with the service, MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. will not accept subsequent complaint or to respond to it.

- if the cause of the complaint would not be eliminated, the traveler with tour leader or representative MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. or service provider sets prepares a written confirmation that two copies signed by both of them. Traveler retains a copy of this certificate.

- no later than 8 days after returning from trip teaches a written complaint to the sales point where the paid package and enclose a written document signed by a representative of the eventual receipts for additional expenses. MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. will accept only documented complaints received by the specified deadline of eight days.

- MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. shall make a written decision within 14 days after receipt of the complaint to the sales point. MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. may postpone the deadline in order to collect information and verify the complaint with the service provider up to 14 days. MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. will take into consideration only those complaints that could not be solved in travel.

- while MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. its solution, the customer refrains from mediation by any other person, UHPA arbitration, court or to give information to the media

The maximum compensation per complaint can amount to the agency, and can not include services already provided or the entire amount. This excludes the right buyer for damages. A traveler who is not satisfied with the response MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. and adhered to all the previously mentioned guidelines for the implementation of the procedure for making a complaint and has all the necessary documentation, may appeal to arbitration UHPA. In accordance with the rules of arbitration, the entire process should be completed within the next month.


13. Court Jurisdiction

If the passenger is not satisfied MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o.'s solution to the complaint, is entitled to judicial arbitration. In each case, the jurisdiction of the court is in Rijeka.


14. Insurance Bail

In accordance with the Law, MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. concluded with an insurance company Wiener Insurance Group, Branch Zagreb, Slovenska 24, Contract no. 1501-00000219 insurance bail for a package tour. Wiener Insurance Group ensures that pursuant to the provision of services in tourism (68/07) to compensate the traveler: the price of travel, if the insolvency or bankruptcy of MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. fail services and travel expenses incurred due to the insolvency or bankruptcy of MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o., to return passengers to the departure point. In the event of insolvency or bankruptcy of MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. travelers who happen to be traveling to a report immediately to the office Wiener Insurance Group, Branch Zagreb,Slavonska 24, personally or by telephone 00385 01 3718600.


15. Liability Insurance

Pursuant to the provision of services in tourism MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. has entered into a contract of insurance against liability for damage caused by passenger non-performance, partial performance or undue performance of the obligations relating to the package tour.


16. Protection of personal data

Traveller provides personal information voluntarily, and they are required to process the requested service. MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. uses personal data of passengers only for the completion of the requested service. Exception of passing data to third parties are insurance companies that will be forwarded to the personal data of passengers if the traveler finds a travel insurance policy. Personal information will be stored in the database MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o. and can be used for promotional offers MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o.

17. Application of General Conditions trip MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o.

1st Application of General Conditions trip MY TRAVEL - Cont d.o.o.

Terms & Conditions
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