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Monument of Liberation on Delta(Meeting point)
Industrial street,
Torpedo and old mills


There are lots of inventions that came from Croatia – the zeppelin, alternating current, the parachute, the tie, the pen, the electrical lightbolt, the speedometer....

But the one that stands out more then others is a deadly weapon - the torpedo that saw the first light of day in our beautiful city Rijeka.


Want to learn more?

On this trip we're bringing you the industrial heratage story of Rijeka going into the Industrial street on the west side of the city. Story begins with the cask factory, oil rafinery and first Rijeka shipyard all the way to the invention place of techologicly brilliant and deadly weapon – torpedo.


We visit the factory halls and station for launching where torpedo was manufactured and tested.

As a contrast to the heavy industry in Rijeka we're taking you to the wilderness of Rjecina canyon. A place where it all started, to the forgotten water mills of Rijeka. Besides from perfect stilness, fresh air and wonderful nature, you can enjoy a breath of 19th century on estates of former rich entepreneurs of Rijeka.


A view on the whole city from a torpedo launching ramp just next to the sea followed by a stroll in the canyon's thick forrest surrounded by ruins of huge watermills – this trip is a MUST!


Trip includes: a drink of your choice in a place of our choice, transfer and knowledge of our guide Ivana

Things to see: Chapel of St. Ivan Nepomuk, Liberation monument on Delta, administrative building of INA, former Hotel Emigranti, lighthouse of Rijeka, launching ramp of ex factory Torpedo, Vila Whitehead, mills in Rjecina canyon

Trip duration: 3 and a half hours (sometimes more depending on the intensitiy of socialy/economicly/politicly/historicly based conversation)


Price: depending on the number of participants


Meeting point: Liberation monument on Delta

Minimal number of people needed for organizing this trip: 2


This trip can be customized.


If you're interested, contact us with the following information:

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