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National Theater
Ivan pl. Zajc

(meeting point)

The National Theater of Ivan pl. Zajc in RIjeka, Croatia - visit with

Local dinner and nightlife


We believe that the best way to know a city is to eat like locals do.

So we would like to invite you to dine and wine with us and try out all the deliciousness that Croatian traditional and authentic cousine has to offer in Rijeka.


Our base for this evening will be a localy loved restaurant where we will feast on culinary delights and expolore the wonders of Mediterraneam  cousine.

We'll start of with some appetizers and that means famous sheep's cheese from island Pag, delicious prosciutto, marinated and smoked anchovies, octopus salad - all of that blessed with Her Majesty olive oil (home made of course) and accompanied by a nice glass of good Croatian wine. Of course some of the famous croatian spirits will be given a try also.


And this is just the beginning! Next on the menu are seafood dishes like buzzara (shellfish sauted in garlic, olive oil, parsley and white wine), cuttlefish risotto, home made pasta with shrimps, sea bass and fresh vegetables with delicious Mediterranean herbs and spices. Did we mention that we will also taste some specialities with meat?


Throughout dinner there will be a range of fish and meat dishes so you can try a bit of everything and find out which is your favourite. While we show you a couple of tricks how to debone a fish and share a couple of interesting facts about every dish, we also explain to you the significance of Croatian food culture and brief you about the city we love and it's nightlife that lies ahead.


We'll finish our dinner with some deserts and hit the streets.


We show you a couple of places we love and have a after-dinner drink or two before we send you on your way to enjoy the rest of your evening as a well-fed and spirited Rijeka local.


One more thing!

Croatians say that love goes through the stomack!...FACT!
So come with us on this trip – and FEEEEEEL THE LOVE!


This tour is also vailable for vegeterians.


Depending on the time of the year, different seasonal products will be available as well. Also, the offer of fish dishes depend on the catch of the fishermen because we only serve fresh fish. If the catch was not great or if it's not the fishing season – we'll compensate with other delicaties!


Trip includes: Loads of different food  at a traditional and localy loved restaurant, couple of glasses of various croatian wine, couple of shots of sipirits, night-time walking tour and after-dinner drink


This trip does not include: other drinks during the dinner and after the dinner


Tours starts at: 8:00 p.m. (you can change this!)


Duration: 3-4 hours


Price: 50 euro per person


Meeting point: in front of Croatian National Theatre Ivan Pl. Zajc


This trip can be customized.


If you're interested, contact us with the following information:

When would you like to take this trip?

How many people will be taking this trip with you?

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