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National Theater
Ivan pl. Zajc

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The National Theater of Ivan pl. Zajc in RIjeka, Croatia - visit with

Cooking class with a visit to the market


Wanna learn something new?!

We are organizing cooking classes with a cooking school that offers cooking courses and workshops throughout the year. The school is spread over 100 m2 with a beautiful view of the sea and the city. It is located right on the city
market, which allows you to buy fresh and authentic products on a daily basis.


Descripion of the cooking class
After we meet at the meeting point we head towards the city market where we spend about 45 minutes. At the market we will visit the three main pavilions, the one with dairy products where we will taste some homemade cheeses, then we will go to the meat pavilion and of course we will pass through the fish market which is the crown of our market.
After we buy all the necessary groceries, we will head to our school, which is only a few steps away from the city market. We will welcome you to the school with a welcome drink and coffee. After we sit down comfortably we start cooking for about two hours.
We will make 2 dishes, one as a light appetizer and the other as a main course.
After each cooked meal we take a break to enjoy the food and wines which we have carefully selected for you. The choice of wine will depend on the choice of menu. From our offer we offer Rose Shiraz, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and others.

You can choose between a meat or fish menu. You can find the list of dishes below.

Fish menu
- Sardines in sesame and pasta with prawns and mussels
(sardines, sesame, flour/ tagliatelle pasta, prawns, mussels, tomato, onion, wine, butter)
- Risotto ala milanese and sea bass baked in baking paper
(rice, saffron, lemon, butter / sea bass, various vegetables, olives, lemon, rosemary)

You can choose between two meat menus: traditional and modern.

Traditional meat menu
- Beef ala pasticada with homemade gnocchi (beef leg, with prunes, dried figs, tomato sauce and root
vegetables, butter, egg)
- Beef goulash with homemade gnocchi (beef neck, root pudding, plum jam)
Modern meat menu
- Chicken breast in fennel sauce, orange with sweet potato puree (chicken, fennel, orange, honey, sweet potato, butter)
- Pork loin in apple sauce, fennel with celery puree (pork, apples, fennel, wine, honey, celery root, butter, milk )


Everyone will receive printed recipes in English so they can cook these dishes when they return home.

Duration 3-4 hours

Language: English


Trip includes: tour of the market the market, lunch and drinks, apron, use of a professionaly equiped kitchen and guidance of a professional cook, transfer and knowledge of our guide 

Things to see: market and it's pavilions, HNK Ivana pl. Zajca – national theater in Rijeka, fish market, Turkey house

Price: depending on the people participating

Meeting point: in front of HNK Ivana pl. Zajca


No cooking experience needed.


Minimal group of 2 persons is necessary for organizing this trip.




This trip can be customized.


If you're interested, contact us with the following information:

When would you like to take this trip?

How many people will be taking this trip with you?

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