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The "Dead Canal" and the City


Walking through the center of the city, we're taking you way back in history of our beautiful town - Rijeka. We want to show you the city through it's past so you can understand it now in it's present, learn some of the secrets and realize why Rijeka is different and special and how easy it is to fall in love with it.


We'll be walking next ot the 'Dead' chanel through old market spots where old sailing ships used to dock introducing you with stories of former cities most influential people and visionaries while sightseeing some of the most representable buildings.


After that we visit the heart and soul of our city, the market. We go through it's pavilions and see the famous fish market – one of the oldest buildings in the town. The story continues in the harbour with a short walk on the pier.


If you truly wish to get to know the real Rijeka and feel it's energy – this walk is the best shortcut you can take.


Trip includes:  a drink of your choice in a place of our choice, transfer and knowledge of our guide Ivana

Things to see: statue of J.P. Kamov, Chapel of St. Nepomuk, Liberation monument on Delta, Memorial bridge, HNK Ivana pl. Zajca, Galeb – the former yacht of J.B. Tito, warehouses in the harbour, the pier of Rijeka – Molo Longo, market and it's pavilions, house of Simeon Adamic, Turkish house

Trip duration: 2 and a half hours (sometimes more depending on the intensitiy of socialy/economicly/politicly/historicly based conversation)


Price: depending on the number of participants


Meeting point: in front of hotel Continental, on the legendary gathering place in Rijeka called Cont

Minimal number of people needed for organizing this: 2


This trip can be customized.


If you're interested, contact us with the following information:

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Hotel Continental
(meeting point)
Hotel Continental, Rijeka, Croatia - click for larger image
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