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Tours of the city of Rijeka

On our trips we show you the city hidden from sight! Immerse into an amazing history, learn about the unique industrial heritage and get a true feel of the city's soul. Larn why we love our Rijeka and how easy it is to fall in love with it.

Walking through the center of the city, we're taking you way back in history of our beautiful town - Rijeka. We want to show you the city through it's past so you can understand it now in it's present, learn some of the secrets and realize why Rijeka is different and special and how easy it is to fall in love with it.

Wanna know the city hidden from sight?

Abandoned factories that look like a ghost city just a couple of minutes of walking from the busy crowded center, were the fundations on which Rijeka grew are, now wait to tell you their story.

There are lots of inventions that came from Croatia – the zeppelin, alternating current, the parachute, the tie, the pen, the electrical lightbolt, the speedometer....

But the one that stands out more then others is a deadly weapon - the torpedo that saw the first light of day in our beautiful city Rijeka.


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