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Paper Factory "Hartera" in Rijeka, Croatia

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Hotel and bridge Continental - "Cont"
(meeting point)
Hotel Continental, Rijeka, Croatia - click for larger image

Former Industy of Rijeka and the Paper Factory


Wanna know the city hidden from sight?


Abandoned factories that look like the ghost city just a couple of minutes walk from the busy crowded center were the fundations on which Rijeka grew and are now waiting to tell you their story.


Technologicly innovative and organized in an advanced way, industry of Rijeka was using perfectly all the resources that were offered and is now providing a type of a time-machine for anyone willing to travel back in time.


A walk through two almost forgotten streets just next to the center, Ruziceva and Vodovodna street, brings an oversight of various industries but also former states whose border was the river that seperates those two streets. They used to be two industrial zones of different cities Rijeka and Susak, after the 2nd W.W. owned by different states, Italy and Yugoslavia. It's a story of turbulent time period in the history of Rijeka after which we visit the former industrial plants for refining leather, soap, ice, pasta, parquetry and other products all the way to the famous paper factory – Hartera.


Paper factory was one of the biggest ones in Europe in it's golden times and is now completly abondoned, hidden ghost city in a canyon of Rjecina, fast asleep and dreaming of the past. Explore it with us, get to know the rich history behind it and the technology of paper refining and discover the hidden secrets of this industrial giant.


If you're looking to experience something completly different and unique – you've found it.


Trip includes: a drink of your choice in a place of our choice, transfer and knowledge of our guide Ivana

Things to see: statue of J.P. Kamov, Chapel of St. Nepomuk, Liberation monument on Delta, Steps of Trsat, canyon of Rjecina, paper factory Hartera and other former factory plants

Trip duration: 3 and a half hours (sometimes more depending on the intensitiy of socialy/economicly/politicly/historicly based conversation)


Price: 30 euro per person


Meeting point: in front of hotel Continental, on the legendary gathering place in Rijeka called Cont

Minimal number of people needed for organizing this: 2


This trip can be customized.


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