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Monument of Liberation at Delta (Suggested Meeting point)

Plitvice Lakes - Road Trip



Referred to as the “Land of the Falling Lakes,” Plitvice Lakes National park is precisely that. Over thousands of years, surface and subterranean rivers have carved paths for themselves through the limestone, only to be halted by natural travertine dams, resulting in the formation of sixteen lakes all pooling into one another, creating one of nature’s greatest masterpieces. Aside from the grandeur of its cascading waterfalls, the national park’s lush forest is home to many endemic species, including the European brown bear, wolf, lynx, and numerous rare bird species.


Founded in 1949, Plitvice Lakes is the oldest national park in Southeast Europe, and also the largest national park in Croatia. In 1979, it was among the first natural sites to be accepted into the UNESCO World Heritage register.


About the excursion:

Pick up at desired place in Rijeka, drive towards Nikola Tesla Memorial center.

Short tour through the birthplace home of Nikola Tesla which was renovated, restored and turned into an interactive museum about the prolific inventor.

Afterwards we’ll go to the most visited national park in Croatia - Plitvice lakes. Tour in the park with/without an experienced tour guide.


Trip includes: visit to Nikola Tesla Memorial centar, day trip with/without an experienced tour guide at Plitvice lakes, private transfers

Trip does ot include: entry to the Plitvice lakes national park

Things to see: birthplace home of Nikola Tesla, replica of Tesla’s 1899-1900 research station in Colorado Springs, the most beautiful natural vonder in Croatia ....and many more

Trip duration: 9 hours


Price: on request


Meeting point: our driver / guide will pick You up at Your desired location

Minimal participants to organize this trip: 2

This trip can be customized.


If you're interested, contact us with the following information:


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