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Tours Off The Beaten Track

Rijeka is a perfect place to get to know the diversity of Croatia. Mountains with nature and national parks, peninsula Istria with medieval castles and secluded island beaches of Krk and Cres are just half an hour drive from the city!
Roadtrip time!

Sailing Trip
Sail Away Tour


Most defintely the best way to see and experience the city of Rijeka is from the seaside.


And the best way to taste the summer in Croatia is from a sailing boat working on your tan with the wind in your hair.


That's why we decided to organize a sailing boat tour on a 14 meter long sailing yacht. :D




Road Trip
Tradition and Old Tales


Come with us on a half day adventure where we visit the past and learn about the traditional way of life and old trades that are nowdays almost extinct.


We want to introduce you with the surroundings of Rijeka and hidden natural gems we fell in love with. But mostly we want to introduce you to the people and the old way of life...


Hiking Trip
National Park "Risnjak"


Are you ready for one of the best hiking trips you'll ever have?

Hiking through thick forrests of the national park enjoying the sights on Kvarner bay and it's islands, Istria and Julian Alps is something you should definetly experience.

NP Risnjak got it's name...

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